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Creating is embedded in the fabric of my personality, and I’m rarely without my camera. I love what I do because each wedding and each couple are unique; how many people can say their job is never repetitive? I’ve been a storyteller ever since I filmed my first LEGO Star Wars stop-motion animation film at the age of ten (still on my Youtube channel if you want a laugh). I started out small, shooting weddings for friends and family on my parents’ camcorder (remember miniDV?) before taking the plunge into the professional film world in 2012.

One of the things I enjoy most about film is its ability to pull an audience into a story. Think about your favorite movies: the best stories are the ones that make you feel what the character feels—you yearn for them to reach their goal and get to the happy ending at the end of the film. That's what drives me as a wedding filmmaker—telling your story in a way that makes you and your loved ones feel the same rush of excitement, anticipation, laughter, and love that you felt that entire day. And unlike any Hollywood film, your journey is completely real. What better stories are there to tell?  



Growing up I always loved architectural and nature photography, especially when I traveled. As a teenager I subscribed to photography magazines and wondered how anyone got such amazing shots, wanting to learn their skills. When Trenton and I got married in 2015 I started joining him on wedding shoots and found over time what my photography had been missing—people! Capturing a couple just as they are, showing their love to everyone around them and radiating happiness on one of the best days of their lives is such an amazing experience. 

I grew to love videography because it could tell stories in a way that my photos couldn’t. The music, the dancing, the speeches, the little moments in the day when the couple is away from everyone and just enjoying being together, the sound a groom makes when he sees his bride in her dress, their personalized vows that tell us so much about who they are as a couple—these are all unique to film and something I feel privileged to capture. I’m generally not a person who cries easily but I can honestly say I cry at some point during every wedding we film because it’s just so special.


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little about us and how we got into the wedding biz.

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